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Fertilizer Mixing Calculators

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Mixing fertilizer by yourself can reduce cost of fertilizer per crop around 30%-50%. "Fertilizer Mixing Calculators" can provide convenient to calculate the proportion of Urea(46-0-0), DAP(18-46-0) and MOP(0-0-60) for mix to any formula of fertilizer.

Simple to use, easy to understand. Just fill N-P-K value as you want and click calculate the application will show proportion of Urea, DAP and MOP.

"Verify feature" fill weight of Urea-DAP-MOP and click Verify. The application view calculate and display formula of fertilizer.

The price of this application is equal to one set of KFC and cheaper than one bag of fertilizer but it can reduce cost greatly.

Why this application can reduce cost?

- No marketing cost, no process cost. Did you know?
the specified formula (Example: 16-16-8, 13-13-21, 15-15-15 etc.) fertilizer in the market have marketing cost. Mix it by yourself is cheaper.

- Mix by yourself you get real nutrient without filler.
For example 15-15-15 after calculate we need Urea=19.85kg., DAP=32.61kg., MOP=25kg. Urea+DAP+MOP=77.46 Kilograms. 100-77.46=22.54 kilograms is the filler.
Before packaging the manufacturer need to put the filler 22.54 kg to full fill to 100 kg for that formula and launch to market. You may not like to pay for "the filler".


Urea = 46-0-0 Total nitrogen content by weight (on dry basis): minimum 46%

MOP = Muriate of potash = 0-0-60 Water soluble potash content by weight: minimum 60%

DAP = Diammonium phosphate = 18-46-0 Total nitrogen content by weight (on dry basis): minimum 18% Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphate content by weight: minimum 46%





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������������ = Urea = 46-0-0 �����ਹ 46%

��������ͻ = MOP = Muriate of potash = 0-0-60 ��������� 60%

������ᴻ = DAP = Diammonium phosphate = 18-46-0 �����ਹ 18% ����տ�ʿ���� 46%